Sebastian is an independent music producer, recording artist and composer who will sharpen your artistic identity. He works in well established recording studios and in his personal atelier in the heart of the Swiss Capital – Bern. He is also willing to travel to your location if the project requires it. Sebastian can write or arrange your songs so that they will have more impact among your established fan base or help you increase it. He always tries to enhance your music, to make sure that your message is understood by your audience, that your project has a chance to break even and that the music is in harmony with your personality. He will help you to get on terrestrial radio or on streaming playlists (like Spotify).  

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Sebastian did his professional career mainly in Germain but he grew up among three languages in Switzerland as a person of dual nationality. His grand mother emigrated from France after the second world war and his father is Spanish. Therefore, he is able to write or translate lyrics in English, Spanish, French and German. He can adapt your songs for commercial purposes or translate your original material into these languages. If you need to translate songs from another language, he will need a description about what the song is all about.


Sebastian is your perfect partner for music production and songwriting at affordable rates. Contact him to talk about your project and your needs on Discord, Skype, Face Time, Google Hangout or Whatsapp.

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