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The Reality Behind your Music Streaming Subscription
or how to make a lot of money without actually doing anything

“Spotify and Apple Music is the greatest thing in the world”, I heard so many people say.

Well…I usually go: “yeah…sure…!”

I then come up with this question:

How much of your monthly payment to Spotify is actually going to the aritst that you’re listening to?

Well…here is the answer:

$0.0006 / STREAM

Let’s now assume that you’re listening 2 hours of music per day. With an average duration per audio track of 3 minutes…

you will actually pay $0.024 to the artists that you’re listening to – which is $0.72 per month.

So…where is the rest of your money going to?!

Now…let’s be fair to Spotify. We all listen much more than 2 hours of music per day. The truth is, that…

but only if we actually listen 18 hours per day, we would pay the same amount to the artists as we pay for the streaming service.

The answer to the question is that the…

streaming companies are making money with music that they never worked for.

Streaming services are still very good for making decisions. They will make it impossible to sell you bad music since you will have the chance to listen to everything over and over again until you actually are sure that you like the artist and its music.


streaming sites and artists disappear or decide to change things and you never own a record.
Therefore, if you love a song that you don’t own, it might well be that will not exist in the future anymore.


The best and most efficient way is to…

support artists directly and buy the music that you like the most.

The great thing of supporting your favorite artist is that…

  • You don’t depend on monthly subscription fees

  • Instead of wasting money on all the music in the world you will support the music that you actually like

  • You will actively promote the creation of music in a moral and positive way

  • The quality of the music is much better since the artist has a higher budget to record a new album

Start right now!
Buy music